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Visit our showroom to pick up your order.

We suggest that you complete your order online and receive it from our showroom at no extra cost. Your order will be available for pick-up the next working day (unless, something is in pre-order condition) and will remain reserved for ten working days. After ten days, it will be canceled without prior notice. Orders must be paid in the check out by credit card, debit card or Pay Pal.

For the receipt of your order, you will have a confirmation sms or e-mail from us. From the receipt of the sms or e-mail, you will be able to take your order within 10 working days from the Showroom.


Monday to Friday 11:00 – 20:00

Saturday 10:00 – 16:00

Eschilou 7, Peristeri (1st floor), close to Peristeri Metro Station.

You can contact us for info:

Shipping with Box Now

Choose to pick up your parcel from a Box Now locker working 24/7. When your parcel is dropped at the Box Now locker you will receive a text including the PIN which unlocks the Box Now locker. Your parcel will remain at the locker for 72 hours.